Queen guitarist Brian May got really angry after the passport control officer laughed at his younger and black-haired photo.

According to The Daily Mail’s Richard Eden, Queen guitarist his passport photo led tho ageism and got him really mad.

The airport guard said that:

“Oh, but the man in this picture has black hair — doesn’t look anything like you.”

Here is the rest of the story:

‘He added a little snigger, as if he was pleased with his powers of observation and wittiness.

Brian May said:

“It happens to us all — it will even happen to you, if you’re lucky.”

The musician adds:

“There’s a serious truth here. We are all massively conscious that we mustn’t behave or speak in ways that are sexist, or racist… but ageism is alive and well.”

May, now 71 (seven years into pensionable age), might be getting a bit sensitive in his older age, evident through the number of campaigns over animal rights and climate change he now ardently supports.

His most prolific campaign, and the one that seems that have made him the angriest was over protests to the fox-hunting ban imposed in 2003.”

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