Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May spoke in an interview by Music Radar and described the five most important tips he could give to guitarists. He talked on song writing and said that guitar is not important than vocals. He said:

“As a guitarist, you can go so far, but I have never thought that the guitar is the most important thing on most records.

It is the singer and the song that is important. The guitar helps, of course. I am generally much more excited about the rest of the song than I am about the guitar part. The guitar usually gets put on at the last minute and it gets done in 10 minutes quite spontaneously.

The challenging part is the arrangement and making sure the vocal sits in the song properly and making sure that the vocal is highlighted.

Also, if you are a producer you need to make sure that your singer is feeling comfortable and that they can forget about the constraints of a studio. Putting a track together in the studio is a fantastic jigsaw puzzle that you have to put together.”

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