Queen’s legendary guitarist and one of the most talented musicians of all time, Brian May, has shared some letters from the book, which he’s currently reading, via official and verified Instagram account.

A lot of people know that Brian May loves reading some interesting stuff and books when he got some free time.  Today, he was started to read a new book called ‘The Language of Letting Go’ which was written by Melody Beattie.

In the photos shared by Brian May, he was sharing his favorite episodes in the book with his fans and friends. Also, he captioned a meaningful message with the photos.

Here’s what he wrote:

“My daily reality check. Wishing you all a brave day. Bri”

A fan named Lorayne Patricio has written a comment on Brian’s Instagram post, and she explained that she read the same book but doesn’t like it because of the reasons she wrote in the comment.

You can read the comment of Lorayne Patricio below.

“Personally I disagree with what the author is conveying in her book. Anxiety has been part of me for so long yet I don’t fear anything. As for the topic of fear: I don’t fear failure or rejection because both will happen to me and many times they have.

Now I’m still a failure: no goals in life nor a chosen career path. I want to do certain things but I’m too tired and don’t have enough skills to do them. And to add: I’ve read one self-help book (The Purpose-Driven Life) way back in 2009.

I didn’t finish it though as I realized my life has no purpose. Currently, I’m in a new work environment, in training, but as early as now, it’s likely that I will fail. Have a good day everyone.”

Queen guitarist responded to the comment with a little bit of anger and claimed that his follower is missing an important point.

Here’s the answer of Brian May:

“OK, dear Ms. Ginggingstagram …

Number 1 – this is NOT a helpful comment for me or those who read my posts.

Number 2 – I think you have missed the point.

Number 3 – you are exactly the kind of person who can benefit the most from this book. No more negative comments, please. Thanks – Bri”

You can see the Instagram post right below.