Queen guitarist Brian May shared the video of unseen moments with his father on his official Instagram account today, and he stated that he’s considering writing a new book about his late relative and also namesake, Harold May.

As Brian pays tribute to his father who would have been 100-years-old today, he stated that he had to abandon his dreams for what he might become in the past. He also stated that he may consider writing a special book about his father because his gifts to him were many and everlasting.

While May showed his respect to his late father as he does every single year on his birthday, he also paid his tribute to his friend Pola who is the owner of the original video. She also sent a special message about Harold’s birthday, and she stated that without him, this world wouldn’t have been blessed with the greatest band of all time.

Here is what Brian wrote in the caption:

“Happy Birthday to my dear ol’ Dad. Long gone to the next place, of course, but always in my heart. In this video, he was younger than I am today. Thanks for fishing out this little fragment, dear Pola, scraps from a longer interview which sadly is in the possession of someone who is reluctant to part with it, so I can’t see it.

But this is enough to remind me so clearly of the way my Dad spoke – a sound from a world that is no more, and his body language, and his pride in what we’d made together, even though it led me to abandon his dreams for what I might become. Maybe I should write a book about my Dad – because his gifts to me were many and everlasting. Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you. Bri.”

You can watch the video right below.