The iconic guitarist and co-founder of Queen, Brian May, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and celebrated the possible prohibition of blood sports in Britain and said that it is the best Christmas for their wildlife.

Brian May often uses his social media accounts to share his views, daily life, favorite artists, and memories. However, he also uses his account to raise awareness on important matters such as the environment, animal protection, child protection, gender equality, and many more.

As you may recall, two weeks ago, Brian May had donated his autographed used shoes in support of a charity project named ‘Small Steps Project‘ which aims to provide clothing, food, medical care, and support in education to kids who survive by picking rubbish in dumpsters.

This time, he shared a photo of a beautiful fox and celebrated the news he received last night considering Trail Hunting. As you may know, trail hunting is a hunting sport in which hunters follow a trail as if they would do in a traditional hunt. However, Trail Hunting does not include chasing, injuring, and killing a fox.

Nonetheless, it was recently revealed that Trail Hunters did not follow the rules. In a Fox-Hunting ‘Webinar,’ prominent members of the fox-hunting community were instructing their members on how to act like trail hunters but hunt illegally and then guiding them on how to escape prosecution.

After the ‘webinarleaked, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to investigate Trail Hunting and the licenses of the trail hunters have been suspended until the investigation is concluded. Thus, Brian May called this Christmas the happiest of all for Britain’s wildlife.

As you may know, Brian May has his own charity named Save-Me Trust and in the caption of his recent photo, he asked his fans and followers to visit their website and find out more about the humane and inhumane hunting types.

His Instagram post got thousands of likes and his followers thanked him for trying to raise awareness on important issues. Posts like that prove that Brian May is an exemplary rockstar and demonstrate how successful artists can use their platforms to support important causes and raise awareness.

Here’s what Brian May said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Great news for Britain’s foxes! ITV News last night reported that the fake sport of ‘Trail Hunting’ is now being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service after footage of a Fox-Hunting ‘Webinar’ were leaked last week, in which prominent members of the fox-hunting community calmly instruct their members on how to hunt illegally and escape prosecution. Trail Hunting has always been a lie – merely a smokescreen to cover the sadistic deliberate torture and killing of foxes.

Now that the Trail Hunters have been caught with their pants down, as it were, the lie has been forever exposed and confirmed, and this may drive the last nails into the coffin of blood sports in the UK. It’s long overdue. The great immediate benefit is that land-owners including the National Trust have already suspended licenses for Trail Hunting while the investigation goes ahead.”

He continued by saying:

“So this may be the best Christmas ever for our wildlife! It’s important to note that Trail Hunting is completely different from the perfectly legal and humane sports of Drag Hunting and Clean Boot Hunting, which embody all of the traditional joys of horsemanship but none of the cruelty. For details, please visit the Save-Me Trust website, where it’s all explained. To get there just click on my SLINK in my Bio. Bri.”

You can check out the photo that Brian May posted on his Instagram account below.