The legendary guitarist and co-founder of Queen, Brian May, posted a photo on his Instagram account and shared his feelings of appreciation and pride to everyone who helped him accomplish his latest success.

Brian May often uses his Instagram account to share news about music, talk about his new projects, raise awareness on social matters, support charities and projects, and science as an astrophysicist.

This time, he used his Instagram to reveal his latest accomplishment and thank everyone for their support and contribution. There’s no doubt that Brian May is one of the most talented guitarists of all time but recently, this was established by a well-known magazine.

The most recent issue of Total Guitar magazine features ‘The Guitars That Built Rock’ and the stars who played them. In the 399th issue, Brian May is the rockstar on the cover of the magazine.

According to the headlines of the magazine, Brian May gave an interview about Eddie Van Halen and paid his respects to the unforgettable guitarist. May seems to have reviewed some of the guitars too which would be very interesting to read as he sure knows a lot about them.

Recently on Instagram, Brian posted the cover of the 399th issue of Total Guitar, and in the caption, he thanked everyone who is ‘holding him in higher esteem than he probably deserves.’ With such a humble yet proud message, May thanked his fans and reassured rock musicians that they will soon make it and understand what he means.

He’s what Brian May said in the caption of his latest Instagram post:

Kinda proud to see this. Thanks, Total Guitar – thanks Magnolia Stereos. Thanks to all those of you I have reached in my life. Thanks for holding me in higher esteem than I probably deserve.

Thanks, all you guitar players and singers and rock musicians, you will know exactly what I mean. I will go in search of that ultimate magic. Bri.”

You can check out the photo that Brian May posted on his Instagram account below.