After a well-done New Orleans show, Queen icon Brian May posted yet another photo which he was taken on the roof terrace of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel.

As you will read below, Brian May stated that he feels a little bit sad and hoped that there will be an another New Orleans concert.

Here is what Brian May said:

“Au revoir New Orleans. A little sadly. I hope there will be a next time. And, as promised, herewith the solution to that other little puzzle. This stuff engages me. It’s like connecting clouds

They float endlessly and randomly, and come and go, and evaporate. Yet sometimes, for a moment, they connect and make dragons in the sky. Well, it’s probably not like that at all. But uncovering long-lost footprints is definitely fun. 💥💥💥💥

Oh yes – I nearly forgot. This is the roof terrace of the (now Omni) Royal Orleans Hotel. Bri.”

You can see the photo right below.