Queen’s iconic musician Brian May posted a really emotional post on the official Instagram account and indicated the issue of imprisoned animals.

Brian also wants his followers to support the Non-Human Rights Project on Instagram.

Here is that emotional statement from Brian May:

“I will be there in spirit. Surely this sad and depraved creature deserves to spend the end of her days with her own kind – not imprisoned in solitary misery?

For details please check @nonhuman.rights.project. Help Happy and others like her to be recognised as beings worthy of respect and compassion. Bri.”

unofficial_queen_fan_club made the most-liked comment:

“Hey Brian, I just commented this on your post but I wanna say it again… I am very truly affected by all of the things that are happening now.

There are polar bears who have no habitat or place to go because we need to ride cars instead of bikes (I want to ride my bicycle 😉) and why are their species endangered because us humans feel more important than them!

We all should be considered equal and it hurts my heart to know that these amazing creatures are becoming extinct because of us. Thank you for using your popularity in such an amazing way and showing us w can make a difference. I am so proud of you, bless you 💗”

You can see the photo below.