Queen guitarist Brian May has posted a new photo on his official Instagram account today and shared the latest stereo photo he got from Perservance Rover which stands on the surface of Mars for almost a week.

As Brian May shared the details of the collaboration, he also announced that he will put the links of the raw and high-quality images of the Perseverance Rover to his official Slink page which includes many of his works as well as his whole official social media accounts.

You may already know that Brian May is not only a talented guitarist, he’s also a worldwide astrophysicist and this is not the first time he collaborates with NASA. Back in 2019, the authorities of NASA got some help from Brian on its latest horizons probe and according to Alice Bowman who was the Mission Operations Manager for the New Horizons, he helped a lot.

After sharing the post, over 20K people liked the stereo version of Perseverance Rover’s selfie photo. Ironically, one of the users who liked the post was Mötley Crüe legend Mick Mars’ wife Serina Mars who is the namesake of the Red Planet.

Here is what Brian May wrote in the caption of the photos:

“Very excited about this! Claudia and I put together this very first stereo taken by the 3-D camera on the mast of the newly operational PERSEVERANCE Rover at present sitting on the surface of Mars, ready for its travels around the Jezero Crater. It’s a kind of ‘selfie’, really, the camera pointing down onto the rover itself.

This picture shows the color calibration equipment – those two ‘wheels’ in the foreground – and an antenna behind for steering the helicopter INGENUITY. Behind – only visible really in the right image here – is the ground surface of Mars – waiting to be explored! Special thanks to Jim Bell, who co-opted us on to this incredible NASA team.”

He continued:

“There are already many raw images available to the public from this mission on the Perseverance website. I will later put a link in my SLINK so all you folks can get in there easily to enjoy these fresh fruits !!! Congratulations to the Team! Perseverance pays off!!! Bri.

Click here to check out the Instagram post.