Queen legend Brian May has shared a really funny photo of our solar system on his official Instagram account and made his 2.2M followers laugh.

In the picture, every other planet was looking circular besides earth. It was just flat. With this sarcasm, Brian has mocked the people who support ‘The Earth Is Flat’ theory.

Brian’s post got over 162.000 likes in fifteen hours and the fans left some hilarious comments in the post.

Here is what Brian May wrote:

“Isn’t nature wonderful?!! 💥💥💥💥 Please tell me the name of the creator of this masterpiece!”

A fan named Lindsey Hill said:

“Did you see the Flat Earth Society said they had members ‘all around the globe’?”

Another fan named Selena Jo added this comment:

“Absolutely! So happy you are being funny. Been concerned about you having too much stress. You’re on the home stretch and your last gig down under is in sight! Have an awesome concert!”

You can check out the post below.