Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May took his official Instagram account to share his reaction about the message he got from his long-time friend and talented guitarist, Lynn Carey Saylor.

As you might remember, Brian announced that his self-made guitar ‘Red Special’s blue colored type is made for Lynn, and he named it ‘Baby Blue.’

Because of that, Lynn thanked Brian and showed her gratitude for the guitar. Later on, Brian replied it and stated that she is a true beauty, as both visually and sonically, and that’s why he released a signature guitar for her.

Here is what Lynn said earlier:

“Thank you for the shoutout to my dear pal Brian May – I still adore my baby blue from Brian May Guitars! Here’s my fav pic of me with it in my recording studio.

It was quite an honor to have the first one! I’m not surprised at all this lovely color became popular – she’s true beauty (visually and sonically)! ❤️🤘😎”

Brian May wrote:

A message from singer-songwriter-guitarist Lynn Carey Saylor. She’s a true beauty – visually and sonically. Sorry, dear Lynn – I couldn’t resist that !”

A fan named Valerie added this comment:

“Beautiful guitar, also a lovely lady! ❤️ Take care, Dr.May!”

You can check out the post below.