Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May posted a new photo on his Instagram page and showed his respects to the 90-years-old veteran British folk singer and songwriter, Jim Radford.

Here’s Brian’s statement:

“What a great song to have at Number 1! Reminding us all of the terrible price many of our dads and grandads and great grandads paid for the freedom from tyranny that we all enjoy today.

Search for the SHORES OF NORMANDY on YouTube – written and sung by Jim Radford – who is 90 years old – a veteran of D-Day 70 years ago.

The bravery and sacrifice of these young men deserves to live in all our hearts forever. Respects. Bri.”

Here’s the most liked comment on the photo from madisonn.y:

“Hi Bri! I’ll be sure to check this out and I want to thank you for always being amazing. Antwho- do you have a place where we can send you letters or packages? Would love to send you something 💓😊”

You can see the photo below: