queen, brian may

The legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May posted a cryptic photo on his Instagram account and revealed that he is working with an orchestra for an untold project.

Brian also shared some clues for the fans to solve the mystery.

Here is what he said:

“Bri joins orchestra … eeek! 💥💥💥💥 For those of you who are REALLY into detail and detective work – the position of my left hand might be a good clue as to what I’m playing!

And that is a BMG SUPER – top line production model – that I’m playing – because my original Red Special is already at production rehearsals for the QUEEN and Adam tour of North America that we begin on July 10th in Vancouver!!!

At this point the orchestra members had gone home after a great day – and I was doing my overdubs, prior to mixing the track. I’m excited! You’ll hear it pretty soon !! Bri.”

You can try to solve the mystery from the photo below.