Queen guitarist and also the co-founding member of the band, Brian May, has sent a couple of new photos on his verified Instagram page and showed off the stereo version of the high-definition panoramic image from NASA Persevere’s Mastcam-Z that demonstrate the rim of Jezero Crater and cliff face of an ancient river delta in the distance.

The 360-degree photo of the Jezero Crater has been taken by the Perseverance which is on NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. Perseverance has lanted on the Red Planet a week ago and it’s sending regular photos and panoramic views of the landing site since Feb. 21 via Mastcam-Z instrument.

According to the latest post of Brian May, he got these images from Claudia Manzoni and Brian himself adapted the photos as a stereo format for Instagram. While sharing the story of the photo, he also shared the parallel and cross-eyed viewing versions of the photos in the caption area.

Here is what he said:

“Life on Mars? Who said they can see paw prints?! A beautiful new stereo assembled by Claudia Manzoni and adapted for IG by myself. The brand new Perseverance Rover is currently sitting on the surface of Mars sending back hundreds of incredible photos of the surrounding terrain in Jezero Crater.

This is just one small detail – one component part of a number of huge panoramas the Mastcam-Z camera team is currently stitching together. Perseverance is making huge amounts of data instantly available to the public – to be found at the URL in the following credit! Perseverance/Mastcam-Z – Sol 2.”

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