The iconic guitarist of Queen, Brian May shared a new and funny meme on his official Instagram page today and shared a never-told-before truth about his personal life.

While saying thanks to the @flickofthememe page which posted the meme that praises May’s energy, Brian admitted that he’s struggling to get off the bed in the morning.

Here is what Brian May wrote:

“Lovely!! Thanks! Happy to be considered Memeworthy.

But you haven’t seen me trying to get out of bed in the morning !!! Haha! Bri.”

A user named just_a_legend_darling commented and said that:

“I love how you’re posting memes 😂💗 iconic!! :)”

Another Instagram user, regina_tayar_cioffi wrote this:

“Bri, you are tremendous!! So handsome & energetic! Bless ya!”

Check out that funny meme right below.