Queen’s legendary guitarist and one of the most talented musicians of all time, Brian May, has shared some recent videos from the press conference of Queen before their concert in Seoul Korea via his verified and official Instagram account.

The guitarist of Queen, Brian May has made a short statement about what he felt during the press conference. Brian May said that ‘I never saw so many flashes in my life.’ 

Here’s the statement of Brian May:

“Crazy Seoul Korean Press call – never saw so many flashes in my life! Very honored to see such a massive turnout for us.

Bless ya! Kam-Sam-ni-da! Slick camera work by Agent Ashley !!! Bri”

After he shared these videos, Brian May has shared other new videos about the concert of their in Seoul, Korea. He showed the preparations before their concert. In the video, they were testing the sound and light equipment that they will use in the concert.

Here’s what he wrote with the videos:

“Testing … testing …. standing at the sound desk, and peering around this awesome place. This is an indoor baseball stadium – a giant dome.

I have that old feeling of … “Wow – are all those seats really gonna be full?” And a rush of gratefulness – that we can still do this extraordinary thing all around the world.

It all depends on Keeping Yourself Alive, of course ! Hmmm … And fit !! But this is a great team – they’re all top of their game. Can I say … #proud ?? 😊 Bri.”

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