Queen’s iconic guitarist Brian May shared the video message of his long-time friend one of the most famous actors and writers of England, Ben Elton, and thanked him for sending him a good vibe after having a heart attack.

Not just Ben Elton, lots of other stars like Phil Webb, Frank Robles, and Izzy Lysell have supported Brian with their beautiful words. As you will check out the caption of the post that Brian stated that he feels privileged to have such good friends.

Fans went to the like button almost 130K times today and showed their support for Brian.

Here is what he wrote:

“Driven By Me?! An INCREDIBLE tribute.

I’m absolutely floored by this wonderful ‘get well soon’ work of art. I had no idea whatsoever it was happening. My dear friends kept the secret very well. I have a strange feeling again – that I am witnessing my own jolly wake!

I feel truly privileged and deeply moved. How can I possibly thank everyone who contributed to this fantastic recording? Well, I can only say here that I am profoundly grateful, and I will never forget this. Enjoy, Folks, and please give me your comments. Bri.”

You can check out the video of Brian’s friends right below.