Queen’s legendary co-founder Brian May posted a new video on his official Instagram page and showed his Jenga skills with his followers.

As you might check out the caption of the video below, Brian indicated that he was having a fun great time at his bandmate Roger Taylor’s seaside mansion while playing Jenga. Brian also stated that Emma has beaten him in the game.

Here is what he wrote:

Day off! Fun at Roger’s seaside mansion! Working in my skills…

But I did not win the Jenga. Emma is the unbeaten champion! Photos by @sarinarosetaylor —- Bri”

A user named tolanidowney commented on the post:

“Seeing Bri this pure and happy makes me hope that I’m like this when I get older🥺”

Another Instagram user, brian_mayniac wrote this:

“So glad you’re having some fun ❤️

Walking without shoes is the most healthy thing 😀”

You can check out the video of Brian below.