Queen legend Brian May shared a new photo on his Instagram page and revealed the new photo of Yasmin, Lily Carassik, Talia Dean and Izabelle Karamell, who calls Brian as their sensei.

Brian May also said that he’s so excited about the track they’ve recorded to be released.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Bold as Brass !!! The KING’S DAUGHTERSS paid me a visit again today, this time with ace brass players Lily and Yasmin – wow!!! We are funky hot!! Ha ha!


I’m so itching to let this Jolly track out of the bag ! But we must wait till the pudding is properly cooked. Gotta say a Studio Day like this is the best medicine. It will keep the blues outside the door (unless you invite them in, of course!). I don’t know many things that can do this. I’m grateful. And I’m convinced this is a massive hit !! Bri.

You can see their photo below: