Queen icon Brian May had a conversation with STV and revealed an inspiring truth about legendary Freddie Mercury’s death.

Brian May said that Freddie didn’t want to people to think that he died of something else but AIDS. It is what it is.

Here is May’s statement:

“I suppose there was an incredible fear of the unknown. Suddenly there’s this thing walking the Earth and nobody knows where it’s come from and who it’s going to strike next. In the gay community, it was absolutely horrific, of course – and you had this terrible stigma. There were people saying, ‘this is what the gay community deserves’.

Horrific things were being said – almost like a ‘scourge being sent to punish people’. This is the sort of ignorance that was the climate at the time. It was quite a big thing to even start the Mercury Phoenix Trust at that point.

And quite brave of Freddie, realizing he was slipping away – it had been difficult for him to announce what he was suffering from. But at that point he did, and he said, ‘I don’t want people to think I died of something else, I died of AIDS‘.

This is what it is, it’s time to gather together what it is we’re facing and the whole of humanity is facing.’”

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Yesterday, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has shared the photos of himself with Queen guitarist Brian May.

Tony also wrote a simple caption and shared the special bromance moment of them. As you will see below, Tony called Brian as ‘his best’ friend on one of these photos.

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