The iconic guitarist of Queen, Brian May shared a recent video on his certified Instagram page today and shared his massive guitar collection with his followers.

As you will read the description of the video, Brian May didn’t give many details about how he’s going to use these guitars.

Here is the caption:

“OK. A game! A game of leaking stuff instead of endlessly sitting on it! Wanna play? Firstly – spot the shoes. Then spot the tune? What am I soloing to? None of my close pals are allowed to answer!

And then …. how did I do? Cheers – Bri ( and thanks for the vid, @kerryellis79 ). 💥💥💥💥 – and what are all those guitars waiting for?”

A user named fatimaisabelxo made the most-liked comment about the video.

Here is what she wrote:

“I’m just in love with the Red Specials you have.”

You can watch the video below.