Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May has shared a new video on his official Instagram account and revealed the priceless advice he got from another legendary musician, Frank Zappa.

In the video, Brian played the different version guitar solo of the ‘Killer Queen’ and made a mistake on purpose to take attention to another point.

He mentioned really important advice he got from Frank Zappa in the caption of the post, which is saying there is no such thing as a mistake because you are the one who made this song, and you can play it in different ways if you want to.

Afterward, Brian added his thoughts about playing wrong. He stated that you should keep your sense of humor on top level all the time because you will need it on the stage.

This video watched over 164K times and rising quickly. Furthermore, over 3K fans shared their reactions in the comment section of the post.

Here is what Brian May captioned:

“Killer Queen solo, anyone ?! A slight variant? Frank Zappa once told me ‘There is no such thing as a mistake – if it’s your performance of your own stuff, who can tell you it’s wrong?!’

My advice? ‘Always keep a sense of humor – you will need it!’ And here endeth the 6th MicroConversation – It is it the 7th? Goodnight folks, or Good Morning? Hang in out there.”

A fan named Mason added this comment:

“The face you made after you made a mistake 😂”

Another fan named Bruna Terroni said:

“Brian, you’re amazing. Thank you for doing this!”

You can watch the video below.