Queen’s lead guitarist and astrophysicist Dr. Brian May recently participated in the European Space Agency meeting and discussed the mission Hera in a recent video.

VideoFromSpace released the video and Dr. Brian May shared the details of the mission.

Here is what he said:

“Imagine a mountain in the sky, with another rock about the size of the Great Pyramid swinging around it. That’s Didymos. Just the seemingly tiny world is big enough to destroy a city.

The scale of this experiment is huge. One day these results could be crucial for saving our planet. If an asteroid ever poses a real threat to Earth, we’ll be ready.”

A user named Jailson Jr commented on the video and said:

“Rock Legend and Astrophysicist, I mean c’mon…
How can you be more cool than that?”

You can watch Brian May explaining the asteroid deflection mission right below.

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