Queen guitarist Brian May posted a little night video on his Instagram page, and described that video as ‘the different kind of magic’.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I found a different kind of magic here ! 💥💥💥💥 And congratulations to those of you who thought of free-viewing this !!! Bri”

A fan wrote to Brian:

“Wow.. What is it.. 😁Tried to freeview it.. Somehow magic 😍”

Brian responded:

“@stereojazz.3d – Sorry ! I actually never thought of that ! Bri”

Another fan said:

“@brianmayforreal Sounds like the ocean so maybe some exotic location where the rooms front the beach and they only have billowing curtains instead of walls/doors. But then again anywhere you are “it’s a kind of magic”! If you gaze skyward can you see the ZL? ✨❤️💕❣️”

You can watch the video below.