The co-founder and legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May, posted a series of photos and videos on his Instagram account and announced his secret plan and ideas on how to bring back rock and roll.

The iconic guitarist, Brian May is an active social media user and he uses his accounts, especially Instagram, to share his views on various matters, announce his new projects, support charities, and talk about science since he is an astrophysicist.

A couple of days ago, Brian May posted a photo which excited Queen’s fans. As you may remember, he posted a photo of the world-famous performance venue called Apollo Theatre or Hammersmith Odeon, in London.

The venue is of high importance as Queen performed there in 1975 to promote their new album ‘A Night at the Opera,’ and it was the night they performed ‘Bohemian Rapsodylive for the first time. That performance came to be known as Queen’s biggest bootleg and is still watched by thousands of people online.

When Brian May posted a photo of the same performance venue and said he is ‘on a secret mission’ but that ‘there is hope,’ fans got excited as they expected May to announce a new project, and they were right. Even though May’s project is related to music, it could be best described as a science project.

It turns out that Brian May visited the Apollo Theatre because he got an idea of how they could design an airflow system for concert halls and theatres so that live performances can be brought back. He teamed up with a Cambridge professor and two airflow experts to study the venue’s ventilation system and test some theories.

Even though ‘there are big problems to solve,’ it seems like May has a fairly good idea of what could be done to save rock and roll and bring back concerts during the pandemic. As Queen and Adam have already established the dates of their concerts in the O2 for 2021, it looks like Brian May even has a deadline.

Here’s what Brian May said about his mysterious visit:

“You asked why was I visiting the legendary Apollo Theatre (formerly the Hammersmith Odeon – yes ! So many memories!)? Well, to save Rock and Roll of course! I woke up one morning with the ghost of an idea – a way to try to design an airflow system to make theatres and arenas safe enough in the pandemic situation to allow concerts as we used to know them to take place again.

So we, a small team comprising me, a Cambridge professor, and the two top airflow experts from the London O2 met, socially distanced of course, at the Apollo, to study its ventilation system and test some theories.”

He continued by saying:

“It’s early days, and there are big problems to solve, but if we succeed even in part, it could be a move towards saving the concerts we all miss so much. And of course, we have in our sights those Queen and Adam concerts in the O2 – booked and sold for next June. So the stakes are high. Well, we can dream… Bri”

You can check out the videos and photos that Brian May posted on his Instagram account below.