Queen’s legendary guitarist and one of the most talented musicians of all time, Brian May has shared an interesting video of his new toy on his verified Instagram account.

A toy company has gifted a new spinner to Brian May, and he felt like a child himself one more time. Also, he penned down a special message for thanks for this gift and explained his feelings.

Here’s what he wrote:

“A new toy! Thanks for the spinner @laura_rocamora_ . I’m getting real pleasure from knowing you folks out there, my pals in IG-Space, are enjoying watching this, at this moment, as I am – Bri.”

A user named elide_mc_fly commented:

“Nice toy, I like it, it’s a bit addictive to see it spin 🤪. You are so sweet Bri😊💕💕💕🇲🇽.”

Another user named sweet_tea_birdie wrote that:

“This is actually incredibly calming..this would be good for some cases of anxiety.”

You can watch the video right below.

A few hours ago, Brian May shared a bizarre photo on his official, verified and certified Instagram page to celebrate his followers’ Halloween with an interesting photo.

As you will see the photo and the caption below, Bri chose not to write anything on the photo while breaking the habit of him.

Here is what he wrote in the caption:


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