The Queen star and one of the finest guitarists of all time, Brian May posted a bunch of new photos including a great bromance photo with his iconic bandmate, Adam Lambert, on his official Instagram page.

Here is the caption of the photo:

“Center where we rocked with a packed and generous audience of Florida folks.

The first three, if you swipe, are courtesy of @lunawestand the rest by Pete the Malandrone. THANKS !!! Bri.”

blueprintblues posted the most-liked comment of the photo:

“I was at the show tonight too and had a spectacular view from the stage — was not in the optimal position to contribute to your universe of light but in the perfect place to appreciate it.

So beautiful that every show now sends you onto an asteroid, suspended among planets; makes you the center of your own galaxy of smartphone stars #BrimiWay; and invites us all to sing along(!) to that spacefaring tune of longing and relativity.

I attempted to snap a few stereos but was so engrossed I preferred to drink in the moment. Beautiful performance and much love. S x.”

Here are the photos below.