Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a new video on his official Instagram account and revealed what Freddie Mercury would think about coronavirus.

COVID-19, publicly known as coronavirus, has been spreading all around the world for three months. Since at the beginning of the city of China, Wuhan, over 170K cases have confirmed and 77K people recovered from this disease.

Currently, Italy has shut down the whole country and people can’t even get outside without any permission from authorities. Because of that, they are singing songs from the balconies and trying to keep their morale up.

After seeing lots of videos from Italy, Brian supported this act of Italian people does and shared his opinion about the videos. Also, he stated that Freddie Mercury would smile if he could see this collaboration of the people.

Here is what Brian May wrote:

“Celebrating the Italian defiant spirit! Quarantined – confined to home, what options are open? This says ‘I am not giving up!’ Thanks, @comunitaqueeniana – We are with you!

Freddie would definitely smile a wicked smile. 💥💥💥💥 Hmmm … I think my reposting has messed up the synch on this – His lip-synch is actually perfect – But there now seems to be a delay imposed. Ah well… It’s the thought that counts. “

A fan named Anna Krajack added this comment:

“Literally all of us trying to keep things positive right now.”

Another fan named Mary said:

“We always fight with a smile on 😊✌🏻💚❤ Grazie, Bri !! Your support means a lot to us.”

You can check the post below.