The legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May posted 4 new photos of Los Angeles on his Instagram page and revealed his feelings about the City of Los Angeles.

May stated that a big part of his heart and soul lives in Los Angeles, permanently.

Here is what May wrote:

“I love what the time change going West does to me. Jet-lag wakes me up at 5 am and I can marvel at my luck in seeing one more dawn and sunrise in a place I love.

It’s curious, but it seems a big part of my heart and soul lives permanently in Los Angeles. Happy grateful and blessed to be able to live this moment. Good morning Pals.

Have a great day. If one of those uncharted asteroids hits Earth tomorrow, it could be our last. So we’d better enjoy today !!! #asteroidday Bri.”

An Instagram user named memmyygrace made a beautiful comment on the photo:

“I love that you can take things most people find negative and complain about (jet lag and being awake very early) and make them into beautiful, grateful posts admiring the Earth.

Your posts so often remind me to be happy I get to live my life, rather than complain about the small, petty things. Thank you for that. ❤️”

Here is the photo below.