Legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May has shared a photo of himself with his guitar technician Pete Malandrone on Instagram.

Brian jokingly wrote that “If I sound crap on the next tour, it will be his fault!”. Here’s the entire statement:

“Happy Anniversary to you, dear Pete Malandrone ! Great Job ! Thanks ! Wanna stay around ?

I should probably explain that Pete, in addition to technically overseeing my home studio and general asylum, is entirely responsible for the health my guitar and stage gear. So if I sound crap on the next tour, it will be his fault!”

A fan name Sarah McKie has shared a great story about Pete on comment section. She wrote:

Pete was the person responsible for getting me backstage to meet you in February 2014! He was so kind to me and went out of his way to make my day- being allowed to play your guitar was a huge honour and the best memory.

I’ll always remember how lovely you both were, the old “never meet your heroes” saying is a load of bollocks❤️ still the best day of my life so far x”

You can see the Instagram post below.