The co-founder and lead guitarist of Queen, Brian May has announced the extraordinary new book project he co-wrote, ‘Cosmic Clouds 3-D: Where Stars Are Born,’ and revealed that he’s coming back with a special guest tomorrow.

The Queen legend Brian May has taken Instagram to give the good news about his highly interesting next project. As you may know, May is deeply interested in space-related topics and cosmology.

Finally taking his passion into a product, Brian May stated that they’re launching ‘Cosmic Clouds 3-D’ with the author and popularizer of astronomy, David John Eicher. While announcing their mutual project, May said that he’s preparing for a guest tomorrow, who probably will be the co-writer Eicher.

The collaboration project of May an Eicher, ‘Cosmic Clouds 3-D: Where Stars Are Born,’ which is published by the MIT Press, is aiming to take readers inside the birthplace of stars, the cosmic clouds called nebulae with text and 3-D images.

The book, which will be launched on 24 September, offers hundreds of magnificent images of nebulae captured by ground-based and space telescopes. Along with the high-resolution views of nebulae are unique stereo views that show the nebulae in three dimensions.

Here is what Brian May said about his book project on Instagram:

“Preparing for our ‘Cosmic Clouds 3-Dlaunch! I’ll be posting details on how to view it in 3-D later tonight, hopefully. And preparing for a special guest! Bri.”

You can see the Instagram post and the video May posted to detail how to view the book in 3-D below.