The iconic guitarist and co-founder of Queen, Brian May, posted a photo on his Instagram account which made his and Queen’s fans’ hearts to skip a beat. May surprised his followers with some interesting implied news.

Brian May often uses his Instagram account to talk about his projects, raise awareness on social matters, support charities, share his views about music, and talk about science since he is an astrophysicist.

This time, he used his Instagram account to reveal that he is ‘on a mission.’ He posted a photo of an entertainment performance venue and his caption was quite mysterious which lead to an increase in the curiosity of his followers.

The performance venue is of significance though, and this was not overlooked by Brian May’s fans and followers. Almost a thousand people commented on this post and most of them identified the performance venue as Hammersmith Apollo or Hammersmith Odeon.

As you may know, Queen performed at Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1975 in order to promote their new album, ‘A Night at the Opera.’ It came to be known as Queen’s biggest bootleg and, it was the first time Bohemian Rapsodywas performed live.

Such a historical building for Queen must be posted by the band’s legendary guitarist for a reason. However, the reason is not apparent as Brian May only said that he is on a mission but that the place is very quiet. Nonetheless, he ended his message by saying that ‘there is hope.’

The fans don’t know what to hope for but seeing the Hammersmith Odeon has definitely excited them. While some argue that Brian May implied there is a new Queen project coming, others wondered whether he has different projects in mind.

Here’s what Brian May said in the caption:

“I’m on a mission today. Anybody recognize this place, very quiet today… but there is hope! Bri”

You can check out Brian May’s post on his Instagram account below.