Queen’s iconic guitarist Brian May posted his photo taken during the shooting of his upcoming music video for the new single named ‘Woman‘ and claimed it would be ‘sensational.’

As you may recall, the co-founder and legendary lead guitarist of Queen, Brian May has been sharing pictures and short videos of his highly-anticipated new project for the last couple of weeks.

A short while ago, Brian finally shared the details of his mysterious upcoming work and revealed it was a project related to the Pinktober charities. Apparently, Brian May has been working on a new song, ‘Woman,’ and as he recently unveiled, he is starring in his new single’s music video.

Recently on Instagram, Brian May posted his photo taken during the shooting of his new song’s music clip. On the caption of his post, May mentioned the precautions they had to take during the shooting regarding the coronavirus pandemic. According to Brian’s latest announcement, the music video which he defined as ‘sensational,’ would be released very soon.

Here’s what Brian May stated on the caption of his post:

“Remembering our one beautiful day in a huge social distancing warehouse studio, shooting this video for the Woman single for Pinktober charities. To be released very soon now. Just a heads-up ahead of time.

This video will look like we were all grooving around around close together, but that’s the magic of digital editing technology. Today I’m using that technology to polish up what I think will be a sensational video for the song. Excited! Soon!! Take care out there, folks. Bri.”

You can see the photo Brian May posted on his official Instagram account below.