Queen guitarist Brian May took his official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed his opinion about one of the newest bands in the scene, The Deccan Traps.

The friendship between The Deccan Traps and Brian May comes from the bass guitarist, Neil Fairclough, who has been touring with ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’ shows, and this is how Brian found out the work of The Deccan Traps.

Back in September 2020, The Deccan Traps unleashed their first-ever single, Moonlight, and the second single ‘Sun And Moon’ released earlier this year. Yesterday, the band released their third single, The Great Divide.

After listening to the latest single of the band, Brian wanted to share his opinion about the song and said that it is truly epic for him. Moreover, Brian mentioned that the band is evolving so quickly and it’s great to see their talent and passion in music.

Here is what Brian May said:

“This is truly epic. The Deccan Traps are evolving at a frightening rate. It’s so great to see real talent and innovation allied to such a grand passion.

Proud to call them my friends. Gotta own this album!”

You can check out the post below.