One of the most legendary guitarists of all time and the co-founder of the iconic band Queen, Brian May, had a recent interview with Sunday Express and talked about lots of things from climate change to how he managed to recover from a heart attack.

As you might already know, Queen icon Brian May had a heart attack back in May and he revealed he had a stomach explosion following the heart attack he had earlier this year. Since then, Brian May has been in the recovery process and his health has its ups and downs.

While talking about the things he had lived after having a heart attack, Brian stated that it was his lovely wife Anita who has managed to rescue him. According to May, Anita nursed him during the recovery process and admitted that he will forever be in Anita’s debt.

Brian May talked about the complications he had after having a heart attack:

“It was the worst thing, the complications that came on afterward from the drugs that you have to take actually nearly killed me — much more than the heart attack. For about a month I could hardly crawl across the floor, I was really, really bad.”

And here is what Brian May said about his beloved wife Anita Dobson:

“She totally saved my life because I couldn’t do anything and she just kind of nursed me, so I will forever be in her debt, she did an incredible job on me.”

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