queen, brian may

Queen guitarist Brian May post a recent Instagram video on his verified page and shared The Rock Band video of an Instagram user named Highonguitar.

Brian May said that he wasn’t feeling jolly this morning but that video made him chuckle.

Here is what Brian May wrote:

“I wasn’t feeling jolly this morning, so I’m grateful to @highonguitar for making me chuckle. This guy is a very good sport for letting this out – and who is to say what kind of talent is useless ?

Oh! Maybe I’m over-thinking this ! Ha ha. Well, I gotta say I couldn’t do this! Respects !!! And a Jolly Shredding Sunday to you all, folks !!! Bri.”

A user named xsallyhjx commented:

“No one: Brian posting everyday.”

Another user named rogersgreenhair wrote:

“Picture Brian watching this video and Anita only hearing the sound of it and she goes “Darling what on Earth are you watching?”

Freddie.mp3 wrote that:

“Me trying to play Bohemian Rhapsody on guitar.”

You can watch the video below: