Queen guitarist Brian May shared a recent Instagram photo of his beloved wife Anita Dobson and celebrated her 70th birthday.

Here is Brian’s message:

“Happy Birthday to my darling Anita!!! Thanks for all your kind wishes, folks, and thanks for the lovely pic, Jen. Bri.”

A fan named rogersgreenhair commented:

“Happiest Birthday to her!! What you posted the other day about her had me so emotional, I really truly hope that everyone will once find a person that matches to them like you two found each other, being the powercouple you are.

So please never stop loving each other (even when you’re fighting 😉) and I wish that her upcoming birthdays will be just as healthy and lovely and smiley as this one is. Or maybe even more. Much love! ❤”

Another user named scissor.hxnds said:

“I share the same birthday as Anita!! Happy Birthday to my birthday twin!”

brianmayyounot wrote that:

“Happy birthday gorgeous Anita! Stay classy! Also Bri better be spoiling you tehehe!! Xoxo.”

You can see the photo below: