The iconic guitarist of Queen, Brian May posted a video of himself on Instagram sharing the updates of his health status and also told a story about an unforgettable moment.

As you might remember, earlier last month, Queen icon Brian May suffered from a heart attack, and he was treated in the hospital for a while. After returning back home, Brian shared his pictures and videos letting his fans know that he was getting better and better every day. The fans were worried about Brian’s health since he seemed to lost a lot of weight.

However, in a recent video he posted on Instagram, Brian talked about the updates of his improving health status and saddened fans by saying that he’s crawling on his hands and it’s not very rock-star like. He also shared an unforgettable moment he experienced 18 years ago with his fans.

Here’s what Brian May told about his health status on the video:

“I’m recovering slowly, still crawling around the house on hands and knees, not very rock-star like.”

Furthermore, he shared a mini-story with the fans:

“Amazing, 18 years ago I was on top of Buckingham Palace, the loveliest place in the world playing ‘God Save the Queen’. There are times when you face the fear and you never quite the same again after it. Anyway, wishing you all luck. and hopefully one day I’ll be functional and I’ll be out there and we’ll do some more great stuff. Maybe? God bless.”

You can see Brian May’s video on Instagram below.

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