Queen guitarist Brian May has shared the photo of his wife Anita on Instagram yesterday.

He posted a heartwarming love message to his lovely wife. He wrote:

“This is the gentle, sweet woman I married !!! Anita inhabits probably the earthiest Miss Hannigan ever – in ANNIE – on tour, coming to a theatre near you imminently !

@anniemusicaluk Bri —- photo cred: Paul Coltas. — “We love you Miss Hannigan!!! “”

See the photo below.

He also shared new update on Moonscrape project, and wrote:

“Me with projected Moonscape this evening at Astrofest. And – no – these are not trendy shades, but high end interferometric 3-D glasses! Hand-washed by Denis Pellerin’s fair hand. We came, we saw, and we projected stereo slides of the Moon Landings and beyond.

My brilliant colleague @eicher.david told the story of the Space Race. And you, the worthy people of Astrofest, supplied the appreciation and trust. THANKS !!! And thanks Steven and Laurie Young for delivering Astrofest, which gives us so much pleasure every year. HAPPY 25th edition, guys !! Photo: Nicole Ettinger. —- Bri”

See the Instagram post below.