Queen guitarist Brian May spoke in a recent interview with Raised On Radio and talked about the late frontman of the band, Freddie Mercury, and his personality while he was not on stage.

In the conversation, Brian May mentioned the shy personality that Freddie had outside the stage which can be considered quite interesting for many of his fans because Freddie Mercury was known for being a great frontman and entertainer on the stage.

Furthermore, Brian pointed out that Freddie had weaved a kind of world around himself because of his shyness and said that he was such an outgoing person on the stage. In this way, he showed what a complex character Freddie had.

Moreover, May also mentioned that his dear friend and former bandmate was inspired by the musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Cliff Richard and added that he made himself into what he wanted in the end. Following this statement, Brian also praised the late frontman’s talent in their performances.

Here’s what Brian May stated about the off-stage personality of Freddie Mercury:

“He was; he’s very shy, Freddie, everything that goes with that, I think he wove a kind of world around himself.

And of course, he was incredibly outgoing on stage, but that was his sort of stage persona, and I think he came from that perspective, he’d been very shy as a boy.

And he’d been inspired by people like Cliff Richard and Jimi Hendrix, and he made himself into what he wanted to see, in a sense.”

Queen guitarist continued:

“So he had that amazing knack in no matter how big the place was, Wembley Stadium or whatever. He would involve every single person because he would somehow identify with those people. He’s saying, ‘You can be a rock god like me,’ kind of.”

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