Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May shared an emotional farewell message on his official Instagram page after the death of legendary football player Diego Maradona referring to him as probably the ‘greatest of all time’ and shared an old picture of him with Queen members taken back in 1981.

Diego Maradona was an Argentine professional football player and manager who was widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He was also one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award. A precocious talent, Maradona was given the nickname ‘El Pibe de Oro,’ meaningThe Golden Kid,’ a name that stuck with him throughout his career.

As you may know, Maradona passed away on November 25th, at the age of 60 due to a heart attack. The iconic player died at his house only two weeks after he was released from hospital following surgery for a bleed on his brain.

Since Maradona was an icon to many from all around the world, including musicians, football players, actors, fans and everyone who was inspired by him, thousands of farewell messages shared via social media platforms to honor the deceased genius.

After he received the devastating news, Brian May shared a picture of Maradona with the members of Queen back when they performed in Buenos Aires in 1981 on his official Instagram page. May also shared a farewell message and stated that he may or may not be the greatest of all time yet his talent cannot be denied while referring to him as ‘genius.’ Brian also mentioned that if his heart specialist was there with Maradona, he might have saved him just like he saved May a couple of months ago.

Here is how Brian May bid farewell to Maradona:

“Half Angel, Half Devil, they said … and all genius. Greatest Of All Time? I wouldn’t know. But a wonderful talent. We enjoyed spending time with him when we played Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires in 1981.

And he came on stage with us, to a massive roar. And that’s my T-shirt he’s wearing here … bless him. RIP Diego Maradona. Too young. So sad. Wish I could have got my heart specialist to him to save him like I was saved. Bri”

You can see the Instagram post below.