Brian May posted a stunning photo of himself, which was taken during Queen’s live performance in Tacoma, yesterday.

In a recent Instagram post, he also described his feelings after that live performance as you can read below.

“Thanks good people of Tacoma ! That was an amazing night. Thanks to Ric Lipson for this photo – and for the wonderful work he and the Stufish team have put into this touring production.

And thanks to our brilliant crew for making it all happen tonight and every night. I love being suspended in space with my new pals – those amazing little planets !!! It’s mesmerising and inspiring. By the way, the piece I’ve played the last 2 nights while in space is part of Czech composer Dvorak’s New World Symphony. For me it’s a symbol. And I always loved this piece.

Cheers all – Bri”

Check out the Instagram post of him below.

Brian also posted a selfie before the show at Tacoma, and wrote:

“I guess we’re ready !!! Are you ready for a bit of a show, Tacoma-City folks ? We will give it our all !!! Bri”

See the selfie below.