Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May shared a new emotional video on his Instagram that shows him being close to his relatives, bandmates, and animals.

Brian admitted that the video shows him he would like to see himself and he’s stabbed from the heart in a good way.

Here is his statement:

“Thank you @stereo.me – I just found this on your IG. Don’t know exactly how you did this … but it’s stabbed me in the heart – in a good way!

I suppose this is the way I’d like to see myself. Of course, life is not that simple. But thanks. Bri.”

An Instagram user named alexandra.sofia.chirino commented on the photo:

“Awwww, this is beautiful ❤ This is how we all see you. A kind, caring, humble, and gentle human being.

That’s why everyone loves you so much, you keep being you. Being the most caring person I know. We all love you Bri.”

The creator of the video stereo.me said that:

“Dr. May, I think I forgot all the English words that I knew before. This means a lot to me, I’m very very VERY happy for making you feel this way. Thanks so much for everything, for being you and for enlightening our life every day.✨Love you lots!❤️”

You can watch that emotional video below.