Queen icon Brian May is well-known with his emotional and ‘bunny hugger’ side… May shared two recent Instagram video on his verified page and shared the story of those racoons.

Here is his statement:

“In the rescue today – these little ‘uns are still too young to go out in the runs. Doing well, though. The very unusual pale coloured cub, Alexandra, is unique in our experience, and her pal Daz is the same age, so they will progress to the grassy places together.

He continued:

So here are the bigger children, this afternoon in their leafy run. Of course you will all be able to figure out which of the Magnificent Seven we can see here !!! 😳They’re all healthy and, and increasingly foxy-looking, and apparently don’t have a care in the world. It’s a good day.

They have claimed this palette palace as their base, as opposed to the cozy hide they started off in. I think they’re feeling wild. Hope you are all feeling wild out there. Cheers – Bri.”

You can watch the videos below: