Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May shared a new video on social media to show his latest health status after hospitalization and relieved the fans’ heart.

As you might remember, Brian was silent for days in the past week, and most of the fans wondered what happened to the legends. Afterward, Brian made a statement and said that he was in the hospital due to the injury of his gluteus maximus muscle, which located in the buttocks.

After two days of this statement, Brian shared another post on social media to thank Planet Rock radio channel to making ‘Brian May Day’ and showed how great he is. It seemed like the pain and all the problems gone away, and the recovery process is going pretty well.

Here is what Brian May said:

“Well… Not something that happens to a chap every day! I got my own day on Planet Rock! I’m learning a lot! Thanks, Planet Rock guys!”

A fan named Mila added this comment:

“What an awesome achievement! Stay safe Bri, you inspire me.”

Another fan named Tracy wrote:

“Woke up a 5 am just to listen! But isn’t every day Brian May Day?”

You can check out the post below.