Queen guitarist Brian May shared his finals words about the controversy between him and journalists named Rachel Johnson on Instagram.

Following a huge weather turmoil in Great Britain, West London faced a natural disaster, a flood. Alongside Brian May’s house, lots of buildings and cars got damaged because of the flood.

While Brian was dealing with the problems of his house due to the disaster, a journalist named Rachel Johnson blamed the Queen guitarist for having a double basement in his house. However, Brian rejected the claim immediately.

After a short period, the journalist sent an open message to Brian and apologized to him in front of everybody for making a mistake. Then, Brian sent his last message to end the controversy between them.

Brian thanked Rachel for being honest and admitting her mistake and showed how a humble person he is. Afterward, he mentioned that he couldn’t have slept since the disaster happened and said that he is trying to rescue some important materials right now.

Brian May said:

“Many thanks Rachel. Very gracious of you. My God – your deluge looks even worse than mine. I feel for you – I hope you’re coping with the carnage.

I’ve hardly slept since it happened – obsessively trying to rescue ancient photos and scraps of ephemera that now seem much more ephemeral…

How many more people out there are wrestling with this disgusting mess? I’m glad we’re on the same side – this issue urgently needs addressing. Cheers.”

You can check out the post that Rachel shared below.