Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a weird video on his official Instagram account, and he talked with the toilet.

As you can remember, Brian May has a special connection with technological toilets and previously showed his interest in these special design toilets in his Instagram account in 2017.

Brian May took to social media on Monday night to introduce a new technological toilet. Actually, this is a trolling video but Brian seemed happy to introduce the toilet. He also described it as an old friend.

Here’s what Brian May said in the video:

“You know, life on the road can be lonely at the times. Sometimes something wonderful happens just to bring a little conversation and joy into life as how look shows me. Hello, toilet. I knew you remember me.”

He also captioned the photo:

“An old friend revisited … Bri”

An Instagram user named blueprintblues said this:

“I’m not ashamed to say I shouted with happiness!! HELLO TOILET!!! 🚽”

Another fan named nicolevirwin wrote this:

“My toilet won’t even flush properly let alone happily greet me”

See the Instagram video below.

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An old friend revisited … Bri

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