Queen guitarist Brian May has shared an emotional statement on Instagram after tragic death of his ex-bandmate, bassist Mike Grose.

Brian has descriped his feelings on Mike’s death as follows:

“Yes — not a jolly time for us. Mike Grose was Queen’s first bass player. Around 1970, Roger invited him to come up to London from Cornwall to rehearse with us, putting those first songs together.

He was a powerful figure, with powerful gear! His sound was massive and monolithic! In the end the liaison didn’t work out, but we owe Mike gratitude for helping us take those first steps. RIP Mike.”

Queen drummer Roger Taylor also paid tribute to his long-time friend Mike Grose, and wrote:

“So sad to hear about my old friend Mike Grose, who I first heard in a band called ‘The Individuals’, when we were both still at school. He always sounded huge. RIP.”

See the Instagram posts below.

Mike Grose was the first bassist of Queen and played together during the first concerts of the band.

Yesterday, Queen’s long time tour manager, and a friend of whole band Gerry Stickells passed away after losing his long struggle with illness. Click here to details.