Queen guitarist Brian May has posted a photo of himself on Instagram yesterday. He wrote:

“Hmmmm … clothes shopping is not really my thing. For me it happens about once a year ! But today I had some help. Is this a good look ? ! Happy Wednesday folks.

Photo: Sara Bricusse – – Bri”

A fan named Laura Harritshøj wrote an emotional letter to Brian May. And Brian has reacted to fan with a simple word.

Laura wrote:

“I know you get thousands messages per day but I really hope you can read this and maybe answer it. I’m going through a rough time with my family. I thought you should know how wonderful you four are. It’s amazing how hard you’ve worked to get there.

You’re not only respectful and fun, you’re beautiful, intelligent and kind. You know perfectly how to get to the audience and to your fans. Thank you for everything. Queen means  everything to me.

My biggest dream is to study in London. I live in Argentina and our president is destroying our economy. We’re a poor country and our neoliberal government is shutting down public schools all over the country. I go to a public school in Buenos Aires.

Next year I’ll begin the International Baccalaureate. I’ll be really hard but I know that I’ll have your support. You’re my inspiration. Hope you can answer. love you. Keep rocking, always.”

Brian responded:

“@lauraharritshoj – keep believing, pal. Bri”

You can see the Instagram post below.