In the recent interview with Louder Sound, Queen guitarist Brian May has shared new informations about the unreleased records from Queen’s live aid concert.

He said:

A lot of what’s in the trailers is not in the movie. The scene with me and the bow was shot as part of a bunch of experimental things.

We weren’t there for the shoot. And when I saw it, I went: ‘No, that’s not what happened. And don’t even pretend it happened, because that’s a Jimmy Page thing, that’s not me.’ But the trailer people liked it. That’s all I can say. But no, you won’t see that in the movie.”

Interviewer said ‘The soundtrack includes your unreleased Live Aid set, doesn’t it?’, and Brian responded:

“Yeah. There’s some good live stuff, some of which hasn’t been on albums before. But also, there’s some of the early stuff that wasn’t recorded at the time. For instance, Freddie coming to see me and Roger play as Smile. That’s all depicted in the movie.

And we were able to recreate some of those bits of music, which was a lot of fun. Tim Staffell [Smile vocalist] actually came in and recorded it with us, so on the movie soundtrack album there’s a Smile track [‘Doing All Right’].”

Click here to entire interview. Watch the official trailer of Bohemian Rhapsody movie below.